Student Leaders 2017/18 for Incoming Exchange Students (both semesters)

Jessica McKillop

Hey! I’m Jessica and I’m a fourth year LLB student. I’ve just returned from my year abroad in Madrid so I will be readjusting to Edinburgh life (and weather!) alongside you. Edinburgh Uni has countless societies that you can get involved with, which is a great way to try new things and meet people from across the Uni. I have been a member of societies such as Save the Children and Hillwalking and I have met many of my closest friends there! I am very outdoorsy and a keen runner – having just completed my first marathon. I also live off of a constant supply of coffee, which is partially the fault of Edinburgh’s massive café selection. Edinburgh really is a great city to live and study in – you will feel at home in no time!


Peter Green

Hello! My name is Peter and I’m looking forward to meeting you! I’m studying Law and Spanish and I’m just back from an erasmus year at the University of Granada, Spain. If you’ve made the wise choice to Edinburgh on exchange then I shall be there to help come September. It can be daunting becoming a “fresher“ again for the second time in three years but please don’t worry. In fact you’ll soon soon be studying in one of the world’s best law schools and soaking up the culture (I personally recommend investigating Bedlam theatre and EUSOG, a musical theatre society). A splendid experience awaits you here!