Timetable and Student Leaders

We run different programmes for 4 year LLB students, Graduate LLB students, and visiting Exchange students.

4 year LLB LawPALS sessions run in weeks 1-8 during autumn semester, from Monday to Thursday, 1310-1400. All first year students are divided into groups, and attend their sessions with a pair of student leaders from third and fourth years.

2 Year LLB LawPALS sessions run in weeks 1-7 during autumn semester, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 1310-1400. Sessions are run by the diploma students that had just completed their Graduate LLB degree in Edinburgh Law School.

For exchange students, our sessions are run by the fourth year student leaders who had just returned from a year of studying abroad. Sessions run weeks 1-5 during autumn semester (September arrivals and those staying the full year); and weeks 1-5 during spring semester (January arrivals).

One of the lists below (depending whether you are a first year in 4 year LLB programme, 2 year Graduate programme, or and exchange student) will tell you where and when your sessions will take place, also who will be your student leaders:

The information is updated for 2017-2018


4 Year LLB Group List pdf

Grad LLB Groups PDF

Exchange Groups PDF

Note: Some of the groups still have only provisional venues for their sessions. If you see a remark ‘provisional’ next to your session venue, look out for an email from your student leaders for further confirmation or changes.


LawPALS programme for the Academic Year 2017/18

Sessions or 4 Year LLB students

Week commencing Title
18 September (week 1) Law School Essentials
25 September (week 2) Legal Research
02 October (week 3) Approaching Legal Essays
9 October (week 4) Mooting
16 October (week 5) Breaking Down Your Degree
23 October (week 6) Improving Your Essays
30 October (week 7) Thinking About Exams
06 November (week 8) Life After LawPALS
27 November (week 11) Drop-in session


We will also hold an additional joint Q&A session in week 11 (commencing 27th November), you will be informed about the details of the session by your student leaders.

Graduate LLB sessions

Week commencing Title
18 September (week 1) Graduate LLB Essentials
25 September (week 2) Career Planning in Law (summer vacation schemes/internships, placement applications, etc.)
02 October (week 3) Legal Essays, Assessment and Feedback
9 October (week 4) Mooting
16 October (week 5) Study & revising techniques
23 October (week 6) Life after Law à diploma in professional legal practice (Scots law)
30 October (week 7) Life after Law à other countries (England, common law, other jurisdiction) & other professions

Sessions for Exchange Students

Week commencing Title
18 September (week 1) Introduction to Edinburgh Law School
25 September (week 2) Fundamentals of Law
02 October (week 3) Legal Essays
9 October (week 4) Exams
16 October (week 5) Wrap-Up Session