LawPALS Leader Role Description 2017

1. Role Details
Role title: Law Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (LawPALS) Student Leader

School/Support Department: Law

Unit (if applicable):

Supervisor: LawPALS Coordinator, who in turn reports to Director of Student Experience

Date: April 2017


2. Role Purpose
This role is primarily one of facilitation and Student Leaders work in pairs to lead groups of first year students in discussions around topics pertinent to the study of law, e.g how to write a legal essay.

The purpose of the LawPALS programme is to ease transition – academically and socially – into first year of the LLB, or alternatively into their first semester of studying law at Edinburgh Law School (in case of exchange students).


3. Main Responsibilities (% of time)

To facilitate group discussions surrounding the various elements of transition into the Edinburgh LLB. 40%

To attend meetings, promotional events and training as directed by the LawPALS Coordinator. 60%

Please note that these duties may vary based on student availability and that the percentage time is given only as a guide.


4. Planning and Organising
Within set topics, Student Leaders plan how to develop discussion within the LawPALS session. The LawPALS Coordinator will set the broad topics to be covered each week but discussion should be open to allow student questions to come forward. Each week throughout the duration of the programme Student Leaders send their group(s) of first year students an invitation to the upcoming session, outlining the topics to be covered that week.


5. Decision Making
Student Leaders have some discretion as to how to facilitate discussion within the group and to know what other topics to bring in.


6. Key Contacts/Relationships
LawPALS Coordinator

Director of the Student Experience

Other Student Leaders

Undergraduate students assigned to the Student Leaders by LawPALS Coordinator


7. Knowledge, Skills and Experience Needed for the Role
Experience of working within some sort of peer programme is an advantage in this role. Examples of leadership, team-working and partnership are excellent skills for a successful Student Leader and good communication skills are vital.


8. Dimensions
LawPALS groups of undergraduate students. Four-year LLB students are led by fellow four-year LLB students who are in their third or fourth year. Graduate LLB students are led by students who are in second year of the Graduate LLB. Exchange student groups are led by the LLB students who were previously on a year abroad.


9. Context and any other relevant information
The School of Law has approximately 75 academic staff and 35 support staff and the size of the undergraduate population in years one and two is approx. 480. The School has a Director of the Student Experience who is responsible for reviewing and enhancing the student journey in relation to academic issues, careers and more – including responsibility for the LawPALS programme.