LawPALS session outline for 2014/15 now published!

Dear First Year LLB students!

We have now uploaded the schedule of LawPALS sessions for the upcoming academic year.

You can have a look at it here.

What’s so new and different about it?

Well, for the first time we are intending to hold a separate session on exams in late November – to try and create space for some last minute advice, and to hopefully ease the stress of that first ever exam revision.

Also, there is a newly adapted schedule designed especially for those doing a Graduate LLB degree – we made it shorter and hopefully better adjusted to your needs (many thanks to all those who provided their feedback last year, and to our Grad LLB student leaders, Mikey and Chris, for putting it together!).

Training course for the Leaders

Dear Student Leaders,

this is just a brief reminder that the training course for both, new and returning student leaders, will be taking place 4-5 September 2014. It will last the full day on Thursday, and we should finish around 3pm on Friday. The programme will be sent out to you via email.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Regards, Gigi and Lindsay